About Our Team

Making newsgames together since 2012.

Retha Hill

Retha is a PlayableMedia co-founder, journalist, innovator, and educator.

  • Journalism Educator 75%
  • Innovator 100%
  • Game Designer 50%
  • Tool Designer 50%

Adam Ingram-Goble, Ph.D.

Adam is a PlayableMedia co-founder, learning scientist, and game designer and developer.

  • Learning Scientist 75%
  • Mobile Developer 100%
  • Game Designer & Developer 50%
  • Tool Designer & Developer 50%

Juli James

Juli is a co-founder of PlayableMedia, journalism educator, and game designer.

  • Journalism Educator 75%
  • Innovator 75%
  • Game Designer 50%
  • Tool Designer 50%

Timely Development

We are former journalists and we make tools and games for journalism. If there’s anything we understand, it’s tight turnaround time and publication dates. We deliver on deadline.

Innovative Ideas

We bring together the best practices of journalism, educational technology and journalism. We build mobile tools, and responsive web games to engage readers in today’s important stories.

Advanced Technology

Our team stays ahead of the latest developments in tech and design tools. We play with new technologies so we can build better mobile tools, engaging games, and take on innovative projects with new clients.

Clear Communication

There is nothing more important to us. We are an open, honest, and upfront team. We communicate expectations and we ask questions. This is how we work together, and this is how we’ll work with you.

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